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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Webcam for ClevelandTrains? Maybe.......

But please by all accounts, do not hold your breath. Right now, my idea is only in the idea stages. What I have in mind is a cam somewhere in Cleveland, next to a main line right away.
I have all the equipement and software. The problem is that I do not have access to a broadband connection that is next or really close to the right of way. All I am asking for the use of someones DSL or cable modem to FTP the movies back to my main server. In exchange, I will proudly say that the cam is hosted by Joe Blow at Company XYZ or a banner or ad on the page next to the webcam. I know that people are looking at cams. Just go to trainorders.com and see how many people look at the cams, over 40,000 downloads a month.

So if there is anyone or business out there that would like to talk, please email me. Lets work something out for a win-win situation.

I am open to all ideals, comments and suggetions.