NS GP40-2 3046

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Waiting for Uncle Pete....

The waiting game. The game we all hate to play. We want to know right now, right this moment. Please tell me. I would like to know.

About a month or a month and a half ago, I applied for a position at UP. They are hiring for managers. I am still not sure what I was thinking, but I think a change would be good. Currently I am in a position at work where layoffs are about to take place. I don’t think that I will be a victim this first round, but if the axe drops again I will be history. That is a chance I wish not to take. So I decided to get my dream rolling. Walking away from my current job to one at UP might not be so much better.

UP vs. my current job

UP is a mess right now. My current job is a ship wreck. UP is spending money. My job has no money to spend. UP is hiring. My job is firing. UP buys new equipment. We just keep old crap running. UP pays well. My job barely pays.

So there. That is why I wish to work for UP. Hell, anyone for this case.


Sunday, February 13, 2005

I have finally updated my website within the Photos of the week section. I have no clue why I call it Photos of the week when I only update it about every 2 months. I am working on some software that will allow me to upload photos and post them within a matter of seconds.

Enjoy the update and the rest of the site.


Friday, February 11, 2005

Today Motive Power, Tomorrow Classics

As I read articles in train magazines and threads on discussion list about today motive power, I can only think that we should enjoy it while they are still here. They will not be in Class one service much longer. Shortlines and Regional roads will always run the power that once ran on the big boy lines, but it will only get harder to find them. You will have to drive a thousand miles to the middle of no where. Once there, you will wait for hours and maybe days for a train that might only a couple of times a week.

I truly miss seeing F40’s in everyday service on Amtrak. Over the years now, I have got used to the newer GE’s. The GE is a different beast. It has taken some time to get used to seeing them pull passenger trains. Make no mistake or start any rumors, they are here to stay for the long haul. That is why I am taking plenty of pictures of them now. Soon, they will be history like the F40’s too.

So fill up them flash cards on your digital camera! Snap them pictures while you can. Don’t let these moments get away from you.

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