NS GP40-2 3046

Sunday, September 23, 2007

In the April 1992 issue of Trains magazine, there is an article "Run 8 to Apex" by Kevin EuDaly. Apex was located on the Johns Creek subdivision in Kentucky. In Kevin's article, he briefly talks about the C&O locomotives assigned this coal hauling division. From his pictures, it looks like the C &O used GP7/9's, GP38's and GP39's to haul cool over the Johns Creek sub. The ride up to Apex hit 3% causing these units to run in the red zone in run 8 with wheels slipping and engines screaming off the mountains.

While out today taking pictures, I had a chance to find a GP39. It not too often that you find a GP39 on any Class 1 railroad today. EMD only produced 23 units; 20 ended up on the C&O. No long hauling coal in Kentucky, CSX 4298 (C&O 3918) is now configured as a remote control unit.
I wonder if this unit ever had to go over Apex........