NS GP40-2 3046

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I am current in the state of Kentucky on I75. I must admit while riding in the car, I have been pondering the old days. Yes, them days when there was passenger trains to take you to cities far and near, big and small, rich and poor. These days are long gone. Most of us either drive or fly. We love traveling this way that Greyhound is feeling the hurt. I just heard a few stories from my mother about riding the bus down south to visit family. She makes it seem like 100 years ago but it was just the 60's. With gas prices hovering over 3 dollars and some folks saying that this might be the year of 4, something must be done. Another fuel source or a band new type of engine that will allow you to travel 200 miles on a single gallon. I don't want to tell my grand kids about the good days of driving my Chevy across country in a car powered by gas, telling them about the smell of it and the different types.