NS GP40-2 3046

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I have started a post over at Trainorders reguarding some questions I have about the famous F40 locomotive line.

Here is a link to the post. Within this post, there are some links to pictures.



Friday, December 09, 2005

Hello and Happy Holidays to all!

Another year is about to come to a close and there are improvements on the way to the website. Clevelandtrains is in its 4th or 5th year of operations. The first four years was spent over at trainweb.org. While the site was hosted there, about 18,000 folks was able to pay homage there. Now since I been on my own hosting the site, about 2,500 folks passed through to Clevelandtrains.net. So maybe next year, I can attract about 25,000 folks to the site alone. That is a huge goal, but I know it can be reached.

One idea that I shared sometime back was about the web cam. I will work very hard to try to make that happen. There are plenty of lines around and in Cleveland that draws plenty of action. So stay tuned.

2006 will be a big for fanning in Ohio thanks to the Ohio Central and NHRS. I hear that this is going to be a week long event. Private passenger cars from all over will meet up on the OC. Plenty of steam and diesel locomotives will be on hand. So look for a lot of coverage on this great event shaping up from me on the site to come.

The site is now running on a new server running the latest in web hosting software. I am not sure what will become of the old one use. Both are configured and are ready to go at a moments notice. I am completely ready to handle growth. Also, I am currently thinking about hosting websites. Look for more information to come on that soon.

That is all for now.

NateF40Amtrak Out!!