NS GP40-2 3046

Monday, December 24, 2007

I'm starting to consider myself more than an amateur photographer. I have had my website for years now. It is time for my photos to be share with the outside world, not just to rail fans. There are a few websites out there that are viewed by other photographers. Two that come into my mind are Flicker (www.flicker.com) and PBASE (www.pbase.com). I have recently opened an account with Flicker (http://www.flickr.com/photos/clevelandtrains/) and soon at PBASE. I'm still trying to figure out which site to go with. Maybe for more exposer I should use both. Updates will follow about this subject.

Happy Holidays!

Once again, I'm in Philly, home to a lot of things. I will admit that I have not found any nice rail fan spots to hang out at yet. I did make one huge mistake by going on the Ben Franklin Bridge to explore New Jersey. I soon found out that I was in Camden. Man. The homes are really old, most seemed to be boarded up or gutted for anything that could bring a quick buck at the scrap yard. It kind of reminded me of the HBO TV series, The Wire. There were drug dealers on a lot of the streets, ladies of the night working during the day and crack heads looking for some dope. It was a sight to see. After driving around for about 10 minutes and looking at this sad place, I found my way back to the Ben Franklin Bridge and headed back over to Philly. I had to pay a three dollar toll to cross back over. I asked the toll collector ‘What the fuck happened over here?” He had no real answer while he passed me my change. I wonder what he thought about my statement.

I was driving back to my sister’s home on I 95. While driving, an Amtrak train came up on the left of me. I was going about 70mph or so and was able to pace the train for a few seconds. What was so cool abut this moment that this train was so quite. No GE or EMD locomotives smoking at 80 mph. Pretty cool sight.