NS GP40-2 3046

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Ever thought about working for a railroad? I think about it all the time. How cool it would be to control a 14,000 ton coal train with three SD70macs ? Very cool. But the truth about working on the railroad is that it is still a hard job. Its hard on you, family, social life and whatever personal events that you might take part in. Over at trainorders.com, someone started a post about BNSF hiring train personal (conductors). Someone posted about how much money he made in his first year at BNSF. Made me think twice about leaving my job as a network administrator to ride the rails. Who knows what the future brings. I might switch over to work for a railroad. Let me just think about that ideal just alittle bit more.....

A really good book to read about working on the railroad is From the Cab: Stories of a Locomotive Engineer by Doug Riddell.

Thats all folks.....For now.

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