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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Buckingham Lining Bar Gang (Gandy Dancers)

During Trainfest 2004, I had the honor to watch the Buckingham Lining Bar Gang perform some of their songs while demonstrating how they lined track (tamping). Usually a track consisted of 8 to 12 men. The gang would lay new rail, replace rail, replace railroad ties and spread ballast. This was done manually. At the roundhouse, I had the chance to help lay about 60 feet of 90 pound rail. And I must say, laying 60 feet just almost killed me! I have nothing but the upmost respect for these men who did it day in and out no matter the weather.

I have posted my pictures of the Buckingham Lining Bar Gang in my photo gallery.

I was also able to find this short documentry on Gandy Dancers at FolkStreams.com

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