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Monday, February 13, 2012

Warbonnets passing through Collinwood

From time to time on the Western board, someone will post about BNSF GP60M units being used to power locals. I will admit to getting excited when I see them being used with that famous paint. Before BNSF decided to move these units from hotshots to locals, they where still able to stretch their legs for a brief time period. Not hauling time sensitive trailers anymore from Chicago to LA, just general manifest freights now. Somehow, CSX would end up with these BNSF Warbonnets on their freights. I'm pretty sure that CSX would "borrow" them out of Chicago. On a storm filled Saturday morning on June 28, 2003, I was surprised to catch GP60M units 161 & 151 with CSX AC44 575. My only wish is that I had a better digital camera back then to better capture these units......

Warbonnets at Quaker Tower, passing under old Cleveland Union Terminal/NYC cantery

Getting down to business after a brief stop at the east fuel pad to top off.

More to come on BNSF four axle power passing through Cleveland.

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