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Sunday, February 17, 2013

LTEX 1420

LTEX 1420.  2-16-2013

I spent many nights riding around in LTEX 1420 before it went over to the CVSR.   A decent little engine when it is dry outside and a little slippery when the rail is wet.  The heater on the fireman's side only blows out luke warm air.  Nothing is perfect, but you make do.  Our freights were getting longer and heavier.  Soon, the 1420 would be displaced by bigger units.  Now surplus to us and the CVSR in need of power, the 1420 was prepared for shipment.  Now on the CVSR, that little engine gets to handle passenger trains at 29 mph and that newly welded rail.  I still run 1420 from time to time on the CVSR. I have many memories of those night trips I made on the 1420.....

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